The following qualifications have also been registered with SAQA.

General Education and Training Certificate (GETC): Academic and Vocational depending on the needs of learners.


Communication in English        

Mathematics in English               

Core (Compulsory):

Life Orientation (LO)            

Electives Component:

Human & Social Sciences (HSS)

Economic & Management Sciences


Arts & Culture           


Small Micro Medium Entreprises (SMME)

Travel & Tourism

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

New Venture Creation (Programme Alignment)

Skills programme 1: Mathematics in Business

Skills programme 2: Business Communication

Skills programme 3: Understanding Entrepreneurship

Skills programme 4: Planning for a New Venture

Skills programme 5: Managing People

Skills programme 6: Operations Management

Skills programme 7: Managing Finances in a Business

Skills programme 8: Tendering

Part qualification:

Foundational Learning Competence (QCTO)

Foundational Learning in Communication

Foundational Learning in Mathematics

What is Foundational Learning Competence?

The framework of Foundational Learning emphasizes acquiring and using study skills for the training context, key to this is capable use of English for learning purposes, especially in terms of reading and processing information.

What is the purpose of Foundational Learning (QCTO)?

Foundational Learning has two components of Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF 2, achievement of this part qualification is compulsory for the award of occupational qualification at NQF 3 and 4. Foundational Learning is not Abet and it does not replace Abet NQF 1 fundamentals


GETC qualification vocational NQF1

Life-Skills Training (basic – NQF1)

ODETD National Certificate NQF5


SP: Train the Trainer (NQF Level 5)

SP: Assessor course (NQF Level 5)

SP: Moderator course (NQF Level 6)

SP: Coaching and Mentoring (NQF Level 5)

Facilitate learning using a variety of methodologies 

Engage in short conversation with a deaf person on a familiar topic using SASL



Improves levels of literacy and Numeracy so as to access further learning programmes, such as learnerships, General Education Training and Training (GETC).